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The ERP System binds multiple departments of SMES ,to make them one efficient and networked enterprise. It helps SMES in manage online information, meeting the entire work flow, and control throughout the purchase, production, marketing and financial functions. This ERP System also helps in maintaining the inventory/ Stock, employee data, utilities section regarding material in coming & outgoing , entire flow of design an order before printing account, vendors, and above all, it provides user authentication & authorization.

The Technology used - HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JQuery, Javascript, Ajax, Php(Laravel Framework), MySql(Database ).

Different Customization available is for:-

  1. Automobile Dealers
  2. ERP Software
  3. ERP Software for Gems Dealers

Learning Management Solution

A platform to facilitates the management, delivery, and measurement of an organization's corporate e- learning programs.LMS can support training and development goals immensely. Features of LMS are - training, mobility & smart device based , easy to customers, track & measure results etc. The portal is a place where learners & professionals come together to create best practices & knowledge capital. LMS Over App - It is possible to deliver mobile learning cross-format as native apps for different OS.

Assessment Engine

Any time assessment help the learners to know how much they learn. Assessment Engine measure learning effectiveness as per your assessment and valuation process formula with built in customizable reporting system monitor & evaluate the learners and certification to successful learners. Features of assessment Engine is

  • Flexible Assessment
  • Multi - language
  • Tracking of the learner performance enables you to measure course effectiveness.


An Eco System which will help the authorities and common people to avoid road accidents. In case accident happens the system will help in taking quick and necessary action using a mobile app.

The ecosystem consists of

  • App for ANDROID / iOS
  • Central Dashboard
  • Central Management System

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  • 450+ projects delivered by combining technology expertise & industry knowledge
  • 450+ projects delivered by combining technology expertise & industry knowledge
  • 450+ projects delivered by combining technology expertise & industry knowledge
  • 450+ projects delivered by combining technology expertise & industry knowledge

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