Our data analytics work addresses predictive modeling techniques, including system identification, anomaly detection, feature selection, and time series analysis, as well as methods to solve various decision optimization problems including continuous optimization, combinatorial optimization, and sequential decision making. Interactive reporting. Visual discovery. Self-service analytics. Scalability and governance. All from a single, powerful in-memory environment. We develop a single application for reporting, data exploration and analytics.

  • Interactive dashboards, reports, BI and analytics
  • Smart Visualizations
  • Self Service data preparations
  • Self Service Analytics
  • Location Analytics
  • Visual Analytics for the web and mobile
  • Flexible Development

Software Development

Our mission is to make life easy for every programmer and maximize their productivity. This will democratize computing to empower every individual and every organization to achieve more. We tend to achieve our vision through open-ended vital research in programming languages, software engineering, and mechanized reasoning. We intensely believe in pushing our research to its logical extreme to positively impact people’s lives. We follow the latest software trends specifically UX design, Microservices, Frameworks, continuous integration, etc. for rapid fielding of interoperability and rapid adaptation to change.

IOT / Embedded

DKInfosolutions Embedded software solutions and services can be used to deliver feature rich IoT and connected devices that also meet the reliability, security and power consumption, necessities of the demanding markets such as medical, industrial and automotive. Our end-to-end IoT solution enables the ability to develop and manage your embedded systems safely and securely.

  • Minimize Memory Footprint for Reduced System Cost
  • Scalable cloud platform services to enable IoT
  • Reduced Power Consumption
  • Secure and Flexible Connectivity with Intelligent Multi-Device Networks
  • Software Updates, Reliable Execution and Memory Protection
  • File Storage and Security

Machine Learning

AI Services provide ready-made intelligence for your applications and workflows. AI Services easily integrate with client applications to address common use cases such as personalized recommendations, modernizing your contact center, improving safety and security, and increasing customer engagement. Because we use the same deep learning technology that powers the client services and our ML Services, you get quality and accuracy from continuously-learning APIs.

  • Forecasting
  • Image and Video Analysis
  • Advanced Text Analysis
  • Document Analysis
  • Voice

DK Infosolutions Here To help You

Our team strives to bring your ideas to reality. With the help of teamwork and creativity we aim to boost the growth of a business.

  • 50+ projects delivered by combining technology expertise & industry knowledge
  • 35+ Team with expertise in different tech domains
  • 5+ team members in the dedicated reserch group
  • 15+ satisfied customers from different business domains

Why Choose Us

Our mission is to provide flexible, adaptable to changing scenarios and ground-breaking products and services for our clientele.

  • High-level of technical expertise with corporate experience
  • Top-notch mobile app, web & software development solutions
  • High-performance with collaborative deliverables
  • Personal approach with proven results in no time

  • Easy and seamless communication with offshore
  • Available round the clock to answer your queries
  • Get full control & transparency of your project
  • Customer satisfaction with high-end user experience

  • Talented, dynamic testing & QA professionals
  • High-performance websites through a rigorous QA process
  • GUI/Usability testing on multiple fronts
  • Multi-platform testing to ensure smooth operation for end-users


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